What is Custom Software?

Custom software is software developed for an organization to meet that that organization’s specific requirements and expectations. Custom software is designed to the company’s exact specifications and business needs and is different from traditional off-the-shelf software which is designed to satisfy a larger audience.

With custom software you decide how you want your application to look and act, and you can modify it as new tools and methods become available. The flexibility cannot be beat. You can start small, with only the core-essentials, and then add features as your requirements evolve.

Advantages of Custom Software

  • It’s designed specifically to meet the needs of your organization
    With custom-made software, a direct relationship is established between you and the development company. A skilled developer will adapt to your requirements and changes more easily and consult with you on making the application the best it can be.
  • It’s a great long-term investment
    Custom software development can be expensive, depending on your requirements, but it’s a great investment in the long run. With no need to purchase unnecessary hardware or pay for features and licenses that you do not need.  The long-term benefits of custom software far outweigh the limitations and costs of dealing with off-the-shelf software.
  • Scalability
    Many off-the-shelf software packages are not able to handle business growth. Many packages are have limited users, limited stations, or limited licensing. Custom software evolves as the company grows.
  • It Increases productivity
    Software designed specifically for your organization streamlines your business processes by removing unnecessary options and settings. This means your team will perform tasks faster and more efficiently.
  • Your software is supported as long as you require
    Another major difference between custom and off-the-shelf software is that you own the application and can do anything you wish with it. But with off-the-shelf software, you’re at the mercy of the software publisher you purchase the software from, which makes your business dependent on someone else to update and improve your software. If the software publisher decides to remove features that you depend on, you are left to find a work-around, or to invest in replacing the software with some other off-the-shelf software package.
  • It’s more secure
    Custom software is more secure and harder for hackers to infiltrate, because it’s designed specifically for your organization. Hackers attack custom software systems less often than off-the-shelf software shared by multiple companies.